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Regulations and questions about the Coronavirus

It’s true: the corona regulations are changing, just as in most other countries. We will strive to keep this page updated with the latest information and changes.

Mouth caps
From 15 July, mouth caps outside are no longer mandatory. Only in very crowded places where a distance of 1 meter cannot be guaranteed.
In shops, however, they remain mandatory. 

Are the swimming pools open?
Yes, the swimming pools are open now. However, there is a maximum number of visitors allowed in the water at one time.

Is the day spa open?
Yes, these are open for treatments and massages. However, the wellness centres are closed.

Is it mandatory for people to wear face masks throughout the park?
No, wearing face masks is only mandatory in the general areas of the park.

Are the village shops open?
Yes, village shops are open.

Are the restaurants open?
Yes, as of 18 May, restaurants are again open for business. Of course, even here the 1.5 metre social distancing rule applies.

Are the open-air markets open?
Yes, the markets have been open since half May.

Is the boulevard open?
Yes, Moniga boulevard is once again open.

Am I allowed to travel with my own car in Italy?
We advise you to consult  your government website for the latest updates. Please note that these can change daily.

Are the golf courses open?
Yes, golf courses are open.

May we go boating on lake Garda?
Yes, that is allowed.

At Residence Riai, the apartments will be disinfected after each use and the air-conditioning filters will be cleaned. This means that you will not be able to check in until after 16:00, unless the apartment reserved for you has not been in use. On the date of your departure, you must turn in your apartment keys at the reception. We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

How can you help us?

* Fill in your night registration form prior to your arrival and email that to us at
* Ensure that you have paid in full for your holiday, prior to your arrival. That minimises direct contact.
* Only 1 person from your party may check in at the reception.
* Upon arrival, you and each person in your party must fill in a health declaration.
* To ensure a wonderful holiday in Italy, listen carefully to your fellow guests and to our personnel.

Be considerate of each other and stay healthy!

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